Scriptographer’s Legacy

Scriptogarpher was a great invention of its time. It's a Javascript plugin for Adobe Illustrator to extend its ability to do generative graphic. Scriptographer provided a platform inside Adobe Illustrator so that the users could write and run scripts to create graphics. is an online community that hosts all the open source scripts, tutorials and member works.



Mainly developed by Jürg Lehni, Scriptographer has fueled the imagination of  artists, designers and programmers for years, up till CS5. To our regret, CS6 has completely changed the game, and Jürg announced the death of Scriptographer in this post and explained that he had incarnated Scriptographer into Paper.js, a HTML5 plugin working in the <canvas>. Well, Adobe is know for being a closed environment. The open source spirit was too cool to be Adobe anyway. So I'm glad that Jürg moved on.

Nonetheless, at the time I studied Scriptographer, I enjoyed a great deal of it. Here you'll find 3 scripts I wrote and used extensively.

  • Grid Generator
  • Variator
  • Image Raster

The logo for 1,000Virtues Dance Ensemble (yes, I took it literally.)

I wrote Try Scriptographer where this drawing is used to demonstrate the basics.