SCC Production

Shared Choreographers' Concert (SCC) is a concert organized by the Dance Complex, 3 times a year, for emerging choreographers to showcase their talent. Fall of 2011 I had the honor to have produced the Shared Choroegraphers' Concert. The concert was a big success as the tickets for both nights were completely sold out. One of the mentors, a respectable choreographer and teacher, who was so impressed by the quality that he told everyone in his dance network to come to see the show. I wouldn't regret a minute of this wonderful experience.


Campaign Round 1: Poters around Cambridge area, in the community centers and dance studios.


Campaign Round 2: Posters for university dance associations.

Betwixt Here and Now:
A Shared Choreographers' Concert

Showcasing Boston’s Top Emerging Talent at The Dance Complex

Betwixt Here and Now, the most recent rendition of a Shared Choreographers’ Concert (SCC), will be presented at the Julie Ince Thompson Theatre, The Dance Complex, Friday and Saturday, October 21st & 22nd. A culminating showcase of eight new choreographers’ journey from concept to creation, this fall’s SCC is a part of The Dance Complex's 20th birthday, and is bound to dazzle. What began as an open call to Boston’s aspiring choreographers has quickly evolved into a stunning collection of eight new works. After two open showings, and the helpful guidance of mentors Brian Crabtree, Kelli Edwards and Rozann Kraus, the top choreographers were selected and invited to share their work in this series’ concert.

“I’ve been to many mentoring programs, and this group of participants are truly outstanding,” commented Brian Crabtree after the first showing. “You are going to have a great concert.”

Though the choreographers come from various backgrounds and differing training experiences, Betwixt Here and Now is the title of their collective effort in exploring a relationship within their inner self and the world. All the dances expressed a contemporary take regarding the body and the movement, thoughts and emotions, dreams and realities, the wild and the tamed. Alison Smith, for example, has drawn inspirations from her collaborative research with her dancer by recording the dancer’s dreams in a two-month time. The result is an intriguing dance that explores the connection between dreaming and body movements. On another end, Adriane Brayton took sound as her approach to extend the dance movement. She directed her dancers to respond to the sound, make the sound, and explore the vibration of their motions that cause the sound. She brings to the audience a lighthearted piece that is both entertaining to watch and seriously conceived.

All the works presented in Betwixt Here and Now are new, and will make their premiere at The Dance Complex. As an educational program, SCC invites all the audience to participate in the post-curtain Q&A sessions with the choreographers, and share ideas on the process of the creation.

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The final concert poster and the press release