The Active Happier

Scientist Sonja Lyubomirsky discovered,  happiness is like fitness - it takes some discipline and hard work to maintain. Everyone was born with certain body types. Some are genetically fitter than others. But as along as we follow regular exercise routines and healthy diets, we all can maintain a fit enough body.

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Introverts Networking Remedy

Introverts, who usually don't connect with a wide range of people at a party like an extrovert does, connect with a few people in depth. While extraverts were asking EVERYONE about the kids or the summer vacation, we were able to ask a handful of people some very well thought questions to build the rapport.

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#PCampBoston: Sorting out PM and UX

Jeff Lash @jefflash wrote this blog post Product Management Is Not User Experience and I read it just last week. And now he is in the room facilitating a session Sorting out PM and UX, further elaborating his opinion expressed in the blog post.

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#PCampBoston: Dev Backlog vs PM Backlog vs Roadmap

Early morning on a Saturday. Light breakfast. Networking. Opening session.

9:30am. People spread out into 14 different room in the Microsoft NERD center for the topic of their choice. Breakout session started.

9:35am. The facilitator who proposed this topic couldn't make it to the event.

9:38am. Before people stood up to leave, Phil Gross from Visual IQ stepped in: "Let's discuss this topic ourselves. It's a volunteer run event after all!"

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Event is abstract. Life is specific.

12 speakers, 2 days' seminar, 1 day workshop. I think this event is well curated. Opening talk by An Event Apart co-founder Jeffery Zeldman, listed reasons for this conference - we're here because web design as a relatively young and ill-defined discipline, is still not fully understood by our boss, our clients, our creative directors and design award judges. Not even ourselves. Then 10 speakers from various backgrounds and perspectives blew my mind. Just when I thought I was in a dream that I didn't want to wake up from, closing talk by Scott Berkun pumped up the spirit by encouraging designers and engineers alike to take initiatives once we're back in our workplace, making innovations happen, strategically (session notes).

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#aeabos: Responsive Design Is Hard/Easy

Dan Mall @danielmall talked about turning traditional agency working process (swimlane modal IA > Design > Dev) to be more agile, and moving to modern web design process.

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#aeabos: Screen Time & Mobile Design Now

Luke Wroblewski talked about Screen Time on day 1, then gave a full day workshop on day 3 on Mobile Design. The knowledge and information he brought to the table is really really really condensed. I'll try to capture my notes here on a high level. In case you want to hear him talking, I found a video of him talking at Designer + Geeks event: It's a Write/Read (Mobile) Web.

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#aeabos: Responsive Design Performance Budget

Paul Irish's talk is a bit too technical for me. But while I was googling references I came across this line on his colleague Ilya Grigorik's personal site:


Other takeaways from Paul's talk:

Improving mobile performance.

  • Bandwidth vs. Latency: impact on page loading time
    • Video streaming is bandwidth; bandwidth is related to page size.
    • Web browsing is latency; latency is related to how many requests the page sends.
    • Eliminate render-blocking Javascript and CSS. Deliver goods.
  • The performance waterfall - this I have to read a blog post to understand.

#aeabos: The Chroma Zone

I've tried it before, understanding colors from an engineering point of view. I got a decent amount of knowledge in that area, but  Lea Verou, the biggest color geek I've ever met, nailed it.

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#aeabos: Mind the Gap

Josh Clark talked about the dreams we collectively had back when we were all industrial design major:

  • Physical product has a digital avatar.
  • Digital product is an extension of our human body.
  • there's no real distinction between a dummy product (TV, refrigerator, vacuum machine, microwave...) and a "smart" product. Ubiquitous (mundane) computing. Makes magic.
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