#PCampBoston: Sorting out PM and UX

Jeff Lash @jefflash wrote this blog post Product Management Is Not User Experience and I read it just last week. And now he is in the room facilitating a session Sorting out PM and UX, further elaborating his opinion expressed in the blog post.

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#PCampBoston: Dev Backlog vs PM Backlog vs Roadmap

Early morning on a Saturday. Light breakfast. Networking. Opening session.

9:30am. People spread out into 14 different room in the Microsoft NERD center for the topic of their choice. Breakout session started.

9:35am. The facilitator who proposed this topic couldn't make it to the event.

9:38am. Before people stood up to leave, Phil Gross from Visual IQ stepped in: "Let's discuss this topic ourselves. It's a volunteer run event after all!"

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