#aeabos: Responsive Design Is Hard/Easy

Dan Mall @danielmall talked about turning traditional agency working process (swimlane modal IA > Design > Dev) to be more agile, and moving to modern web design process.

  • instead of having the swimlanes run in their own silo, overlapping them
  • Bringing everyone to the table from start to end
  • Tapering the level of engagement for each team.
  • Repeat (getting into the habit of iteration.)

Dan Mall's design process. Having a wide designer/developer network; Assemble teams based on project needs.

  1. Plan: Research. Hypothesize.
  2. Inventory: 
    • Content Inventory (site audit)
    • Performance budget 
    • UI pattern inventory (Ref: Pattern Lab)
    • Visual Inventory. Color, typography, grid, iconography....
  3. Sketch:
    • Design sketch: wireframes, gray boxes, elements ( - what does page turning look like? small elements?)
    • Developer sketch: sketch on Codepen. Prototyping. Solve one small problem at a time.
  4. Assemble: When you have done all the previous steps well, putting together everything is way more easier and faster.