#aeabos: What the web need the next

Can the Web Win the War Against Native Without Losing its Soul?

Bruce Lawson is an English gentleman with a punk-ish style.

  • Web space is eating up by native app, which is a problem because it restricts the freedom of the internet.
  • Many developers gave up web app and turned to native app because:
    • Can't utilize the OS native gesture, geolocation... etc.
    • Can't go offline
    • Loading slow
  • The above problems are solved (or being solved) while W3C pushing through better standards.
    • Service Workers (the robot liaisons between the client and server)
    • Indexed Database
    • Resource prioritization (lazy load)
    • CSS standard. 
      • Use {position: sticky;} instead of javascript.
      • Stop using heavy Javascript blocks to slow down the mobile performance.
    • "Install" a web app, essentially is about saving a bookmark on your home screen
      • Design the user experience as if you were "installing". such as:
        • imposing safety premises (allow plugins and other cache... etc.)
        • privilege API access
      • The benefit:
        • fast feedback loop for incremental improvement
        • never have to ask the user to "update" or bug-fixing
    • Why "W3C Widget" failed. (W3C widget is an idea they came up a few years ago to solve web app native OS problem, which allows the OS cache the website)
      • it's XML.
      • The name sounds stupid. (too vague, hard to figure out what it tries to do.)
      • it's marketed as a Unique Selling Point - a differentiator - which alienated the competitors.
      • when they proposed it, HTML was still too young to support native gestures etc.