#aeabos: The Chroma Zone

I've tried it before, understanding colors from an engineering point of view. I got a decent amount of knowledge in that area, but  Lea Verou, the biggest color geek I've ever met, nailed it.

The Chroma Zone: Engineering Color On The Web

Above title links to her presentation. Use left right arrow to navigate slides. You can also play with the number inputs.

Her talk was too interactive and I can't possibly jot down her bullet points. Actually, she doesn't have any bullet point. Only pure awesomeness. I could only capture a few keywords:

  • Relative Illuminate vs. Lightness (as in HSL color mode)
    • Take color space into brightness consideration. i.e. Yellow is perceived brighter than Red. Red is perceived brighter Blue.
    • Thank you Lea. This solved my biggest geek problem.
  • Using CSS to achieve Photoshop layer modes (i.e. multiply, subtract... )
  • CSS color modual level 1, 2, 3, 4. And how we got where we are now.
  • Subpixel Explorer
  • Myth.io
  • Contrast Ratio (HSLA color contrast comparison)