Lifehack Backlog to Salvage an ADD

For people who has ADD: If you have more than a thousand threads of thoughts running at every single second... like, you are at your closet to clean up the cluster, suddenly a skirt reminds you that perfect matching necklace is still missing; as you go through your jewelry box, the mirror next to you just looks like collecting dust all the time; then you remember you wanted to order that magic glass cleanser long time ago; Hell when you fire up your Amazon, tons of interesting books and items suggested specially to you on the front page all look worth checking out... Before you realize, half a day has gone, you are at your kitchen mixing the new cocktail from the recipe you just read from a random blog, and your closet is still a mess.

My ADD became extremely noticeable during the holiday season since I have a lot of free time and didn't have to follow a 9-5 routine. To salvage myself, I started to use Todoist (again). It's been around for quite a few years. I've been using it like, once a year during my ADD season. They improved a lot, and this time I actually could see myself using it after the seasonal surge - we shall see.

I'm more aware of my ADD syndrome now, which attributes to what I learned at work: managing backlog items. I recently read Getting Real, another book from my favorite software boutique. This chapter caught me LMAO:

While this totally proved to be true at work, I can see it apply to my ADD situation: My brain is like those customers who constantly send feature requests. Among all that thousands of ideas I had in my head, not everyone deserves my action. I shall just ignore 90% of them. As Jason Fried puts it: a feature (in my case, an idea) "has to prove its worth before we commit our precious development effort to it". Then among that 10% ideas which kept coming back, I write it down in my Todoist. I believe in the end my energy would only allow me to execute 1% of that huge list. So I have to be very picky to decide which ideas I'm actually going to act upon. Then I manage those items like how we do the backlog prioritization and sprint planning. 

Wa-lah! Brilliant! A productive 2015 to all creative-ADD type! Happy new year!