Life Is A Multifaceted Gem

...Everything Else Is A Sketch.

I'm Shanfan Huang, a product designer at Pivotal Labs. Before Pivotal I never knew pair designing could be so AWESOME, and DESIGN+DEV pair programming could seriously rock the world.

Ouside my day job, I maintain this blog venting on various subjects ranging from very serious personal identity crisis to very lighthearted how to cook (the best) instant noodles, and everything in between.

When I was small, many years before I knew there was such a profession called "designer", I dreamed to draw comic stories - Japanese style manga, to be more precise. As I navigated through the adulthood, the manga artist dream was pushed down in my dream backlog. Eventually I fulfilled many other dreams: becoming a designer, travelling to different countries and places, learning to dance, keeping a cat... Recently I heard the calling from the Manga Goddess again.

I began by writing comics-filled tutorials. The Zen Lattice series is a start. I'm still experimenting with the type of content and the tonality. How do you like it? Did I lose you?

No? Wow! You're awesome! Thank you for visiting me!

My favorite social media site is GitHub. My least favorite social media site is LinkedIn. It doesn't really matter though, I just like to have those social media badges hanging on my ABOUT page. Stay connected or shoot me an email! You never know, a random blogger from the internet might be helpful!

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